How to book a vehicle:-

Have a look at our fleet guide and decide which van is best suited to your requirements – if you are unsure and can’t decide from our Vehicle picture grid call us on (028) 38 350 022 and our experienced staff can help you choose a vehicle which is suitable for your requirements.

When you have chosen your vehicle you can make a booking by either phoning our staff

On (028) 38 350 022 or email with the following information:-

  • Your name
  • Your current address
  • Mobile phone number and land line
  • Date and time you wish to pickup and drop off the vehicle.

You must inform us if the vehicle is to be taken out of Ireland.

Please advise us of any endorsements that you have on your driver’s licence so that we can check we have the correct insurance cover available.

On the day of the hire you must bring the following:-

  • Your driver’s licence (both card and counterpart required) *
  • Your credit or debit card for payment
  • Your credit or debit card for the £250.00 deposit (£500.00 for minibuses)
  • 2 Utility bills
  • Your passport

Check out normally takes 10-15 minutes.

*If you cannot locate your driving licence counterpart you must contact the DVLNI and ask them to fax or email a copy of your Certificate of Entitlement to (028) 38 350 022 or email – the DVLNI normally charge for this service – if we have to contact the DVLNI by phone to confirm licence details there is normally a charge of £7.50 which will be added to your rental fee.